A Sermon Under the Couch

Hello and welcome back to All Over the Map!  I had a short vacation from school recently which was really nice to do something out of the normal routine.


Leipzig Bahnhof

My roommate and I went to Leipzig for two days, taking the train for an hour and a half and then the bus for the same amount of time.  We visited the Leipzig Zoo, Bach Museum, St. Thomas Church, and more.

We arrived at the Leipzig Bahnhof: the largest bus and train station by area in all of Europe.  It has three floors and many shops.

After we arrived we went to…

The Leipzig Zoo:

Screenshot 2017-10-08 15.57.40.png

The Leipzig Zoo was really fun!  Even though it rained most of the time, I still enjoyed it and saw many animals.  I’ve never seen the sky so blue with rain pouring down.  If I hadn’t gotten wet, I wouldn’t have believed it was raining.  The following day we visited the Bach Museum:

Touring the museum and learning about Johann Sebastian Bach’s life inspired me.  While working at the St. Thomas church (pictured below), Bach wrote a new cantata for the choir to perform every Sunday for ten years!  That amazed me.  The tour went on to explain the amount of work involved with writing a cantata with the equipment of the 1700’s.  His dedication to God through his music and work was profound.  I felt honored to be able to learn about Bach.

The St. Thomas Church:Screenshot 2017-10-07 18.10.09.png

I also got to meet my German teacher who taught me over Skype before I moved to Germany.  It was nice to meet her and her Husband in person!  It was a fun, relaxing trip.

Lately I have been learning a lot about trust.  Last week my roommate and I were about to worship together like we do every Sunday.  As I bent down to place my guitarcase on the ground, a yellow piece of paper under the sofa caught my eye.  I wondered what it was as I picked it up, only to discover notes from my pastor that she had left before returning to the U.S.  What were they doing under the couch?

It was titled, The Generosity of God Brings Peace.  I began to read it out loud to my roommate.  It said:

One of the ways [to peace] is through trust.  Trust is on our part.  Peace that sees us through the chaos is from Jesus.  That is something we choose.  It is not something that happens to us, it doesn’t just come as a result of our prayers, fasting, or holy living.  We cannot earn trust.  We must choose it.  

I was blown away.  This message came so timely for us as we have been trusting Jesus for our day-to-day needs.  It was a great reminder to actively choose to trust.  Next on the paper was John 14:1:

“Do not let your hearts be troubled.  You believe in God; believe also in me.”  The notes continued:

“The way Jesus says this implies I have a choice.  I can chose to allow my heart to be troubled or not.  Believe – what Jesus says, but also in the miracles you have experienced!!!

Finding those notes felt so comforting.  I am touched by the little ways Jesus reminds me that He is ever present and taking care of me.  I have been praying for more trust only to be reminded that trust is a choice, and the way that prayer is answered is by practicing it.



The following is a conversation with my roommate. Me: “I feel like writing a blogpost.” My roommate: “What did you say? A bratwurst?” “No, a blogpost.” “Oh…a blogpost?” “Yes, that’s it!”

Needless to say, we have both been enjoying the delicious varieties of the bratwurst: a German food-staple. Our neighbor suggested I write a song about bratwurst since we love it so much, so I started writing one for fun. We enjoy tasty bratwurst cookouts with our neighbors every once in a while.

My Pastor went home as her 3 months in Germany came to a close. I miss her very much! We left early in the morning to drop her off at the airport in the Czech Republic. We parked in an area with a ticket booth to pay for parking when we would leave.

I was very hungry by the time my Pastor boarded the flight. We saw a McDonald’s when we came in the airport, so we stopped there before we left. I didn’t have any Koruna so I paid for my meal with 10 Euros. The change I got back was the exact amount we needed for our parking ticket!

It was a blessing because we didn’t have any Koruna which can’t be used anywhere else besides the Czech. The fact that the change was the exact amount we needed made everything so much easier. It was a great reminder how God uses little things, even hunger to take care of us.

The First Koruna Bill I’ve Ever Seen

Besides eating bratwurst and getting to use different currency, I’m settled into a new routine. There are times when the monotony of my schedule really gets

capture (2)
Every Weekday I…

to me. I yearn for the weekend to do something different. I realized what a great learning opportunity it is to learn perseverance and sticking with it till the end. Doing that has been very rewarding. I can concentrate on homework for longer periods of time and feel less frustrated while doing it.

I’ve been challenged by not being around as many people my age with whom I can fluently communicate. Although I Skype with friends from the States, I desire more friends locally. So I prayed for a friend close to my age. I prayed intensely for about a week because it was very heavy on my heart. Around this same time, I read John 15, the passage where Jesus says He is the vine and we are the branches. It reads:

1) I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener. 2) He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruitful. 6) If you do not remain in me, you are like a branch that is thrown away and withers; such branches are picked up, thrown into the fire and burned. (NIV)

I suggest reading the whole chapter for context.

I used to think this passage sounded harsh…being cut off and throw into a fire does not sound very pleasant. The more I read, the clearer picture I saw of God’s love. When we hurt, He hurts. I thought of how it might feel for a branch to be cut off from me if I were a vine. It is not just painful for the branches, it’s painful for the vine too. I tend to think of my own pain and not how Jesus may feel as well.

Verse 9 reads: “As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you. Now remain in my love.”

Jesus hurts when we decide to be disconnected from Him. He feels our pain because we are connected to Him. As I prayed for a friend, I was reminded of this and the pain Jesus feels when I am distant, like the pain I feel when I’m far from friends and family I love. I felt Jesus understood my heart. Then I set it aside and waited.

A few days later, our class went on a field trip to the Saechsische Schweis:

There is a woman in our class who has lived in Germany for 19 years and has three children. They all came on the fieldtrip. Her eldest daughter is about a year younger than me. Between the little German I was able to speak and some English she knew, we were able to have a great conversation! I felt very blessed to meet her.

Talking with her was great German speaking practice for me. I learned the occupation she is training for in college requires her to speak English well. I felt glad I could also be a help to her. We exchanged numbers and chatted about doing something together soon. I was very enthused and grateful for that!

Two weeks later, we went to Dresden with her boyfriend and met her best friend in Dresden where she works. It was a lot of fun and we ate pizza and enjoyed the beautiful city.

I’m learning that living constantly connected to the vine of Jesus can make even the mundane times feel rewarding. Jesus loves, hurts and has joy when we do. He knows our hearts and what we long for, feels our pain, and has pain if we decide to leave. Even though it can be easy in care-free times, it is peaceful to feel that in the quiet moments, He is also present.

Jesus in a Pub

“Do you snorkel in the night?”  My Swiss friend asked me before going to bed the first night I stayed at her house.  I tried not to laugh, but that’s what I ended up doing.  Then I had to explain the word was “snore,” not “snorkel,”.  The image of me sneaking out of the house to go snorkeling in the night struck me in the funniest way.  But my German is much worse than her English so I controlled my laughter after that.

She kept me busy.  We visited Europa-Park in Germany, about 2 hours from her house.  It has a section for each country in Europe, hence the name.  Looking at the crazy roller coasters, I was feeling very dubious.  But I rode them anyway.



Before we rode the last roller coaster, my friend looked at me and said, ” I just want you to enjoy it.”  My nerves were so tense throughout the day I think they could be felt from a mile away.

By the time we got to the biggest coaster, (bigger than the one pictured) I figured there was no point in being nervous anymore.  We already went on a roller coaster completely in the dark and one where I was sitting backwards, down a hill of unexpected twists and turns…and possibly death.

As I anticipated climbing a seemingly never-ending mountain into the sky, I figured I have nothing to lose.   Waiting for the ride to start, I thought about everything I went through to even be sitting in a roller coaster in Germany.  Even though it was the biggest coaster in the park, it was the most enjoyable for me because I felt free and unafraid. Amazing what you can learn from riding a roller coaster.

I got to see the Alps!  I was so blown away by the beauty.



The day before I left we rode Electric-Bikes 40 kilometers to a cookie factory.  We ate a bunch of free cookies then went back to the bike rental place.

The E-Bike:20170613_104837

My E-Biker tan:IMG-20170613-WA0002 (2)

After I came back to Germany, our neighbors invited my roommates and me to a cookout with them below our apartment.  We enjoyed a variety of deliciously grilled bratwurst and talked for awhile.

After some time passed our neighbor asked me, “Kristina, please, can you play your guitar for us, bitte?”  I said okay and played a few original songs that everyone enjoyed.

Our neighbor’s husband said his friend owns a pub that is closing soon.  That night there was a band playing at the pub.  He offered to call the owner and see if I could play when the band was taking a break.  I was lost for words, but felt peace about going.

He couldn’t get ahold of the owner, so he rode his bike to the pub.  Huffing and puffing, he came back and said, “We can go!”  I felt nervous and felt grateful for the hour we had before we left so I could quickly go over some songs.

Then my two roommates and two neighbors and I went down the street where we could hear the music blasting before we got to the building.  We entered the pub and waited for the break.

I played three songs then stopped because I didn’t know how much time I had.  Applause broke out after each song.  My neighbor was amazed and said that never happens…people don’t pay attention during the break and don’t clap.  He said I really play from the heart and have a power that draws people in.  I told him I don’t have any power, it’s Jesus who draws the people.  “That’s Jesus!” he said.  I was blown away.  One lady came up to me and hugged me about 4 times, saying she felt so touched and was in tears.

We were going to leave because it was getting late.  As we were about to go, the band leader grabbed my neighbor and said, “She must  play another song!”  So we stayed another hour.  I asked my pastor what I should play and she encouraged me to just play what I feel.  My neighbor said to me, “You can play whatever you want,” just as I was hearing Jesus say to sing Give Me Jesus.

So I played Give me Jesus in a pub.  People were listening intently.  I felt so blessed to be there and blown away by how Jesus can use anyone, even me, who was nervous, shaky, and recovering from a sore throat that by the grace of God didn’t give out during any of the songs.  Jesus changes hearts.  All we have to do is show up, listen, and be obedient.


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Peddling To Germany

I’M IN GERMANY!! Wooooha.  I am so, so blessed to be writing this from Altenberg, Saxony.  The reality of that blows me away.  Anything I type right now doesn’t seem to capture how wonderful I feel about living here.  Jesus is so personal and plops us right where we ought to be.  It’s truly marvelous.  When you’re lost for words, share pictures so they say…so here they are!

The day after the team and I arrived, we walked around Altenberg are found a beautiful park:20170514_180140

Altenberg means “Old Mountain,”.  which is what it used to be before the mineshaft collapsed creating the Große Pinge (Great Pinge).  It is considered to be one out of 77 of the most important geotopes in Germany. 


When the ground collapsed, a few houses and a church went down with it. 


This is the street we are living on:untitled (2)

We have the most loveliest neighbors and I love it here!  The weather is usually cool, and the winters are very intense.  Right now it’s been in the 60’s and 70’s.

We live below a ski-resort.  Leah and I took a walk near the top the other day.  I’m pointing to where we live…roughly.


We started German class two days after we arrived.  I’m standing between the two ladies I’m with, Pastor Barb and Leah.  It is such a fun, interactive class.  My fellow classmates are from all over the world.


We did a lot of touring in the first two weeks and had intensive training with Dr. Nilson.  We visited a friend in Switzerland and stayed the night in Zürich.

Me sticking my head out the Grossmuenster church tower:18926442_1922581587979119_315445161_o (2)

It is here where the Anabaptist movement began with Huldrych Zwingli who became the pastor in 1519.


If you don’t already know, I highly recommend reading about Zwingli and the commitment to Jesus many had who lost their lives.

I’ve been experiencing what it means to stay centered and focused in Jesus everyday.  When I pray, I feel like I’m riding a bike.  I peddle to get started and it’s a honest conversation until I become tired.  I coast till I come to a stop and the bike falls over because I’m not peddling anymore.

It hurts to fall with a bike which catches my attention, so I start peddling again until I get distracted and hit over the head with a tree branch.  I pray for endurance so I can keep peddling and enjoy the scenery as I go.  To constantly feel the love of Jesus takes concentrated work.

My favorite verse is in the Bible 2 Timothy 1:7:

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.  (KJ21)

Having a sound mind is freeing, no mental clutter, worry, or fear.  How cool is that?

The other day it hit me that having a sound mind requires self-discipline.  The NIV version says, “self-discipline,” instead of, “sound mind,”.  I think self-discipline and a sound mind go together.  When you have self-discipline, you have a sound mind and you need self-discipline to get a sound mind.  That requires work; lots of bike peddling and building muscles required.

I’m reminded of my own laziness.  I have more then I’d like to admit.  I realize that I am as strong as my weakest link.  If I have generosity, but am fearful, I can’t be generous.  If I stick with my strengths, and recognize that God has put a lot of kindness in my heart, that overpowers the fear.

We visited what used to be the concentration camp in Auschwitz , Poland during World War II.  It was a very sobering and eye-opening experience.


This path was called “the walk of death,”.  Seeing all the belongings and pictures that represented the people whom were murdered made me feel sick.

In the mist of a place of evil, I was reminded that love cannot be destroyed.  The flowers still bloom in a place of death and kindness meets fear with a smile.

18869722_1922769581293653_1035025856_o (3)

Some are trapped in prisons camps in their own hearts.  The simple act of loving people without fear is what leads to freedom.  Which requires perseverance and self-discipline to remain in the moment with Jesus 24 / 7.

Bonus Picture: Can you find the people? 😀 18901816_1923117497925528_540919561_o   Taken atop Geisingberg tower.


Important Updates

Welcome back to All Over the Map! As I mentioned in my first post, two of my pastors went to Germany earlier this month to prepare for the team to live in Germany. Some things will be different than what we originally thought. Here are the updates:

Instead of going to Germany for two years straight, I’ll be there for one year on a student visa taking German classes. I may go back after that, but starting with one year instead of two.

While the mission house in Oberbaerenburg is being renovated, the team will be living in an apartment in Altenberg, starting June 1st, 2017. We have connections with a businessman, Alexander. His mother-in-law owns the apartment. Alexander’s mother-in-law also owns the building where we will have a business.

We are bringing Getz Fire Protection and Security Ministry (based in Ephrata, PA) to Germany.  I’ll be involved in some way with the company. A team from Getz will be going over in October. Please keep them in your prayers.

We are the first missionaries to be going to this part of Germany.  My pastor met with government officials to work through all the details.  Jesus is taking us there one step at a time and is beautifully guiding us. Every roadblock in the meetings was overcome.

I’m doing a fund raiser right now until September 30th with some friends who have their own businesses. Please consider purchasing their products as a portion of the sales will go towards my trip.

Jamie sells personalized bracelets with KEEP Collective. You can order them here:

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Samantha is selling Usborne Books:

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And Gloria sells Thirty One products:

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The fundraiser ends September 30th. Please consider taking a moment to browse through their products. If you prefer to send a donation without purchasing a product, that is fine too.

Jesus is doing many things in my life. I am continually grateful for how He is changing me and showing me His limitless Grace. I’m grateful for the peace He is giving me through the process as I continue to rely on Jesus every day.

Thanks for reading! I’d be happy to answer your questions in the comment section or you can e-mail me at khartz96@yahoo.com.


God Bless you,


Changing Gears 

Well, I’m 20 now.  Woo whoo! I was so excited to no longer be a teenager that before my birthday, I asked a bunch of friends for suggestions how to celebrate.  I wanted to do something immature I could blame on being a teenager before I went into my 20s.  Boy, my perspective of being an adult has changed just from natural experiences around my birthday.  I didn’t even need to plan anything exceptional.  It was naturally memorable.

I grabbed two friends, (“Suzy” and “Ashley”) and headed to the beach. Sadly, my car decided to act more like a paralyzed hippopotamus than a car, so we took Suzy’s car.  The trip there was great.  It took three hours like it should then we changed into our swimsuits and were also paralyzed hippopotamus on the beach…until Ashley needed to blow her nose and left in search of a napkin.  I was so engrossed in the conversation with Suzy that I forgot Ashley left. Until Suzy thought we should go look for her.  So we did.

At this point, we needed to put more money in our car meter which had a 2-hour parking limit.  Suzy didn’t want to go alone in case she would become lost like we thought Ashley was….so we both went to add money to the meter.

Suzy and I couldn’t find a parking space so I left her to look for Ashley.  I went back to our beach spot only to find myself in a near panic when she wasn’t there. A good hour passed since she left. I thought through the situation as clearly as I could which ended up with me seeing horrific images of my innocent, napkin needing, companion being stuffed into a truck and being taking away to Canada.  CANADA!!

The most logical thing I came up with at this point was talking to a lifeguard.  So I did and described her the best I could and he radioed some guy that spread it down the chain and said he’d let me know if they found her.  I walked back to my beach towel aaaand there she was.  Right there.  On the towel, calm as a clam, like nothing happened.

Apparently Ashley told us that she was also going for a walk, not just getting a napkin for her nose.  But neither Suzy or I heard her say that and she didn’t say it very clearly. And she didn’t take her phone with her.  So I was calm until I thought Suzy wasn’t calm, so I started getting concerned…apparently Suzy and I both thought the other was more upset than we were and we fed off each other’s nervous energy until both of us were incredibly anxious.

When Ashley was on her stroll and I was talking to the lifeguard, Suzy was still going in circles searching for a spot.  She called her fiancé. “We lost someone, I can’t find a parking spot…please pray!” So he did.  Right at that moment is when I called her saying Ashley was no longer lost.  I was also praying as all of this was happening.  The prayers of a fiancé are effective.  (Also non fiancés since I am not a fiancé).

We de-stressed after that by eating at Subway then shopped around, enjoyed some more waves and went home…or at least tried to…

So there we were, in the car again, about to leave for home.  Ashley started off driving for the journey which went pretty smoothly.  After a while she wanted a break so I took the wheel.

In the area we were driving, there were many on and off-ramps and I drove on many different highways and this and that and some of the roads weren’t marked very clearly…In the middle of this tangled knot, the check engine light decided to come on.  Suzy, who owns the car, immediately called her mechanical coworker.  He suggested taking it to an auto parts shop to discover the problem.

We rerouted to an auto parts store, but had a hard time getting there.  At one point, we went under this shady bridge where two guys were walking towards us on the opposite sides of the road.  It was just really weird.

When we finally got to the auto shop, Suzy went in and asked if they could run a test on the check engine light.  Apparently they don’t do that anymore.  We lifted the hood of the car to check it out…I’m pretty sure none of us knew what we were looking at, but Suzy pulled out the dipstick and dried it on her shirt.  I’m like, “Seriously??  On your nice white shirt?  We could have used a tissue!” (Or one of Ashley’s napkins).

It didn’t seem to bother her and the oil was fine, so we prayed and went on our way.
It took me a couple attempts to find the right highway…We went over a ginormous bridge. When we got to the bottom of the bridge, the GPS said to turn around and go back over it. WhAt?! We had to pay an unnecessary $4 toll just for that.  Thanks GPS.

Long story short, it took us 5 hours instead of 3 to get home.  We were all happy to be alive when we arrived at my house.  Suzy had another 45-minute drive from my house to get home.  My dad was at my house at the time, so he looked over the car before she left and said she should be ok to drive home.  Ashley stayed overnight.  It was crazy, but definitely a fun, memorable, beach adventure.

The next morning, Ashley took me to Shady Maple for my birthday!  That was so sweet of her.  We had a great time.  Then while at work, a friend from my childhood, (the longest friend I’ve ever had whom I haven’t seen in two years) randomly called me up and was like, “Yo, what are you doing tonight??” And I was like, “Going bowling with my bro and the friend who took me out to breakfast.”  And she’s like, “How far away to do live?” (I’ve moved so much, it’s hard to keep track of me :p ) She ended up driving an hour just to make me happy on my birthday.  Reunited Childhood Friend for the win!

We bowled and enjoyed ourselves then went to the grocery store and bought some milk.  Then we went to my house and watched the Olympics. My Childhood- Blast-From-The-Past-Friend slept over and made us pancakes for breakfast.  It was an awesome birthday.

Through these experiences I discovered there was really no need to jump out of an airplane or do one more childish thing before my 20th.  I’ve learned the importance of staying calm under any circumstance like when you lose a friend or can’t find a parking space or can’t drive….

Speaking of not driving, my car is finally on the road again after being a paralyzed hippopotamus for 2 weeks.  While my car was out of commission, my brother lent me his car, which is stick shift.  I was very nervous about driving it since I never drove stick before, but I needed to drive to work, so I took the risk.

My bro taught me how to drive it the day before I needed it…It went ok.  At the end of the driving session, my brother jumped out of the car and kissed the ground.

Friday came around like Friday always does and I faced the unknown and drove down the highway, until it was time to get off the highway.  So I did and it went great.  Then I had to stop at a red light…that was not great.

So I’m sitting at the intersection until the green-light smiles at me, so naturally I try to go…except I didn’t go.  I stalled.  “Not a problem,” I thought.  “I’ll just try again.”  So I did.  Again and again.  I tried to restart at least 5 times over the course of 3 rotations of the green-light.  Thankfully I was the only one turning left and no other cars were behind me.

The light turned green again.  I let go of the clutch and tried to smoothly pass my left foot with my right on the the gas.  Except I didn’t.  I stalled in the middle of the intersection.  The other light turns green. I’m screwed.

At this point I’m starting to panic a…”MOM??” All of a sudden my mom is waving at me like, “GO, TINA GO!!” She’s coming from the other side of the intersection where the cars were starting to blow past me.  She stops in her big white van so no one else can get past her which gave me enough time to putts into the bank parking lot, which was where I was trying to go anyway.

I’ve never been so happy to see my mom in all my life.  We just stared at each other and laughed for a solid 2 minutes before we said anything.  She lent me her van and I got safely to work.

I’m changing gears.  I’m 20.  That’s a big gear change for me.  But I already went through 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and all the other gears I needed to get where I’m at.  I’m thankful I don’t have to go from 1st to 5th, it doesn’t work that way.  Small steps and some leaps of faith are all that’s required for this crazy journey we call life.  I’m grateful for the numerous times God fills in those gaps I can’t reach yet.  And for helping me at a literal crossroad in life.  I’m learning fear really has no place when Jesus always carries me the rest of the way when I stall out.

If you’ve gotten this far, thanks for reading!

More updates about Germany to come, this was just some real life learning experiences in the meantime.

God Bless,


All Over the Map

Jesus is doing many things in my life.  Sometimes it feels like I am all over the map.  But He has shown exactly where to go.  In the literal sense of the word, I will actually be on the other side of the map, in Germany that is.

This blog has all the intention of regularly updating my progress to Oberbaerenburg and my adventures once I’m there. At this point, I’m sure most of you already know I’ll be living in Eastern Germany for 2 years, but I usually fail to give much detail. So here are some details for ya.

After a long series of traumatic childhood events, my family and I found ourselves a part of yet another church, Emmanuel’s House. We became so involved in the church that we moved from Morgantown to Reinholds just to be closer to it. Eventually my shy, awkward self became a youth and worship leader.

About a year and a half ago, my pastor asked me if I felt God’s call to serve as a missionary in Germany since my church was preparing a team to go there.  As I considered whether or not this was something God wanted me to do, I reflected back to when I was a about 9 years old.

Most of my summers as a child were spent at day camps at the Christian camp where my dad worked.  One day, a young lady on the summer staff shared about a missions trip she went on to Germany.  I was extremely fascinated with this and felt someday I would be going to Germany.

Soon after that experience, my family moved several times and three of my grandparents died close together in time.  I only remembered my desire to go to Germany when my pastor approached me 9 years later, asking if I felt the call.  I said yes.

Last summer I had the amazing opportunity to visit where we’ll be living.  The house the mission organization (Emmanuel Global Missions) bought in Germany used to be a school and a church which is exactly what we’ll be turning it back into.  The team I’m a part of will be living there.  It will also be a coffee shop.  When we visited last year we got to meet our future neighbors and started some relationships.

The Mission House:

110 (3).jpg



I’m very excited to obey God’s call to spread the light of Jesus in Germany.  It can be scary with a lot of unknowns, but I so clearly feel this is what Jesus wants me to do.  After everything He’s done in my life, how can I be disobedient?

Will you consider supporting me financially and through prayer?  I greatly appreciate any support you can give.  Will you also ask your church’s leadership for your church to support me?  I would love to share with your church what Jesus has done for me and how I will be sharing that with others in Germany.

I don’t have an exact departure date because the mission house isn’t finished being renovated yet.  I would greatly appreciate your prayers as two of my pastors visit Oberbaerenburg next month.

Please contact me if you have any questions or are interested in sponsoring me.  I need monthly sponsors for $20,000 a year.  Contact me at: khartz96@yahoo.com or by simply leaving a comment here (more information in the About Section).  Subscribe to my blog for more updates about the journey to Germany and things that are happening with my church in the US.

God Bless,